Assign me your Dash masternode voting key

You’re a Dash masternode operator. You want your rewards and you want to see your investment grow through a rising Dash price. But you don’t always have the time or inclination to perform the DAO treasury/governance evaluation, advisory and voting responsibilities associated with being a masternode operator.

No worries. Very soon now you can entrust your voting key to a trusted third party who can exercise your vote in the DAO for you. Hold on! Keep your collateral private key safe. The voting key is something new and separate from your private key.

If you have no trusted party, please consider entrusting me, George Donnelly, with your voting key. Why me? In order to help realize the digital cash vision for cryptocurrency, as outlined in this blog. There is no charge, this is for the cause. Instructions coming soon.


Any month in which I possess at least 1 voting key, I will provide a report for my voting decisions and rationales in that cycle at at least 2 days before close of voting. You can take back your voting key at any time, including before the end of cycle, thereby effectively nullifying my decision. You retain ultimate control.

Questions: [email protected]